Clara D Vhs
map-marker Dallas, Georgia

Tenants or Buyers Beware!!!

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Original review Feb 06, 2022

261 Old Acworth Road, Dallas, GA 30132.

I recently leased the home located at the above address.

I had some reservations regarding the foundation and

crawl space, after signing the lease and prior to signing

off on my final walk through inspection. Therefore, I

decided to have an home inspection done by Serenity

Home Inspections.

My suspicions were correct. I was

informed by the inspector that the foundation was not

safe, water was entering into the crawl space and a

portion of the home was resting on a 2" x 4" untreated

piece of wood.

Additionally, the crawl space door opening is so small

that he could not crawl underneath to do a full body

inspection. He was able to obtain some awesome


I attempted to reach, Andy the manager on several

attempts by phone calls, text messages and emails

for about 3 weeks. Finally, after speaking to one of

the agents, and informing her that if I did not hear

from him that I would seek legal counsel.

I then

received a call from him immediately.

He met with me the following day and he asked

what was the problem with the home. Obviously,

he had not reviewed the inspection report. After

addressing all my concerns with the home. His

first response was that "it sounds like that you

may want another house".

I informed him that

I wanted the house, but it had to be safe. He

promised to discuss my concerns with the

owner and give me call the following day,

which was Friday, January 28th. I did not

hear from, so I decided to move forward

with another home with another company.

I emailed him on that following Monday

and informed him that since I did not hear

back from him as promised, that I had

decided to secured another property.

I informed him that was my written

notice to be released from the lease

and I requested return of my Security

Deposit and the last monthly rent

payment. He refused to return my

deposit and last month rent payment

because I did not give him a 2 months

notice to break the lease.

I informed

him that he could not hold me to a

lease if the home was not safe to

live in.

He even went so far to say that the

foundation had been worked on by

the owner when he remolded the

bathroom and that they had to do

the repairs from inside of the home.

I asked him where would I live during

the repairs. He informed me that I

would be able to stay in the home.

I informed him that I would not want

to live in the home while such extensive

repairs were being done.

This just confirmed to me that the owner

was aware of the condition of the foundation

when he listed it to be leased, and doing

the work from the inside of the house was

the safest and most cost efficient way to

do the repairs.

To make matters worst, after doing final

walk through of the property, the mainten-

ance manager placed a lockbox on the

door as we were left the property. I believe

that they are going to place that property

back on the market and not do any repairs.

The following is a comment regarding the

crawl space by the inspector.

1. Crawlspace Access Condition Access location: Crawlspace under addition is inaccessible.

Have an access installed for inspection and repairs. Portions of the crawl space are too low for safe access. The height is less than 18 inches and there are ducts and plumbing running under the home.

Area was viewed with strong light from hatch. Inspection of these areas is limited and areas that cannot be entered are excluded from the inspection report.

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  • Work with individuals with less than perfect credit
  • Poorly managed

Preferred solution: Full refund

User's recommendation: Do not do business with this company. I don't want anyone else to be taken advantage of by this company.

map-marker Temple, Georgia


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COG Management is very unprofessional to tenants. I can not speak on behalf of homeowners who use them as a management company. I was a tenant for more than 10 years, never late on rent, and there were minimal issues with my residence when I moved out. I paid a $1250 deposit as well as a $750 pet deposit (for a pet they wouldn't allow me to keep). So I move out, get told I could dispute any charges I didn't agree with. I did so, heard nothing until BOOM, a notice from a debt collector they had turned me over to collections without the ability to dispute the bogus charges they were attempting to charge me. I highly encourage you to look elsewhere if you are looking at a property that they manage. The unit I had the foundation was settling, it had black mold and pest which they never even responded to my multiple maintenance request. Bedrock Townhomes looks like a dump because they don't fix anything. Tenants with elderly and infant family members go without heat and air. They go through landscape companies about every three months because they don't pay them. Very poorly managed company. Stay AWAY!!!!!
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User's recommendation: DO NOT RENT

Rachel M Kqw
map-marker Hiram, Georgia

Do not do business with this company.

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STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!!!! Wednesday, July 24th I was in the hospital having a c-section with my first child. By the time we came home from hospital something happened to the ac unit in our condo. That Friday 26th my bf came home to shower and make sure all was in place for us to come home on Saturday. When he walked in the thermostat on the wall said it was 99 degrees in the unit. So he went online and filed a maintenance request. Well they assigned it to a maintenance worker but no one had came out. They call themselves doing us a favor and sending someone out “after hours” to come look at the unit. They concluded it needed replaced and they were supposed to be contacting the owner of the condos where we stay for approval. Well on Aug 7th still no answer to anything being done until we reached out. Now the owner wants a second opinion and wants his guy to come out. After fighting with a lady from Maintance Jolene or something like that she said he can come out on Friday 8/9 at 6:30 but it’s just another check nothing will still be fixed. So after 6 pm that Friday someone was supposed to be here my bf gets a text message saying the person coming had a death in the family and can’t come. So today is Tuesday 8/13 and still not heard from anyone and we still have no air in our unit and for people living in Ga knows that we have been having a heat wave. This company has no regards to anyone but themselves. Doesn’t matter that I am on a 6-8 week recovery from major surgery or that I have a 21 day old baby living in this heat. No one cares. If I could give them less stars I would. We have lived in there condos in MARIETTA for over a year now. They will not come do any repairs. I am about to contact my lawyer because we have been waiting over 2 weeks now for them to come replace something that would take less than 5 mins to correct and cost of part to do the repair is under a dollar. They are SORRY and if I would have read the reviews before moving in we would have moved else where.
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Reason of review:
Poor customer service

Preferred solution: Fix my ac unit

map-marker Lawrenceville, Georgia

Unfair unequal treatment

COG Management - Unfair unequal treatment
I used my car for work, when my car broke down I told cog, I made great money. I put in many requests for repair from the first day I got my keys. I was told i had to take this unit or loose my 2,468 cash.Each time I went to pay rent, I got copies each time. My bed was still downstairs in dec because of the bugs and carpet filth. This was not the unit i saw, the two i saw had new floors.I found a job 2 weeks after. I was ok but called weekly about the repairs and things I wrote on the rental walk through. I purposely wrote the problems on the walk through so there was no questions or it be separated. I still found things even after I turned it in. I even spoke to the daughter of the agent Terri who claims to be the part of maintenance about the issues. 3 months later in November I lost my job. I was told my case was going to court. I was never told about negotiating until one of the 5 others being suided 3 of which showed up to court, all on my street. I called 9x to try to get help I was told no help is available I was one of 3 families black the two white families were put in mediation and allowed to get a payment plan. The other 2 have found new places to live and are married. Me I'm homeless alone and no place to go no money for a truck or storage. I have no family or friends that can help me. I I man who was told to pay an additional 1300 bucks to his rent for denying a garage said his place was infested with roaches from the time he moved in. All 5 families stood in the middle of the street and said they was charged 2 different late fees. My judge refused to give cog that but they still charge each family 2 late fees to this day in spite of the fact the judge told cog they can only charge a flat late fee or the 5 bucks per day mot both. Cog judgement ended only being 17 hundred dollars and not the 23 hundred they charged me in the first place. Don't rent or enter into a contract with cog unless you like living like a pig and have money to throw away, don't be one day late or you will be charged in excess. They done ever give back your deposit or security deposit. Yes I paid first, security and last.
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Absolute worst property management

Moved in with many issues, some seen and some hidden. None of the maintenance issues were fixed. Totally unprofessional staff. I think they prey on people who can't afford a lawyer. You will never get a deposit back regardless how well of condition you leave the property. Total scam
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Amjad Klu

Short Review on December&nbs-05:00;12,&nbs-05:00;2016

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The apartments they own in Stone Mountain, Georgia wzs Wynview now they changed the name to Autumn Ridge better get their *** together, my car was broken into noticed it this morning 12-12-16 on our 5th manager seriously come on. I made a police report also and if something else happens too me or my daughter lawyer time!!
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map-marker Atlanta, Georgia

Cog Management Customer Care Review from Atlanta, Georgia

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I wish I read reviews before moving in! I have experience in property management and I am shocked at the customer service and disorganization of this company, it's sickening. When we moved in our dish washer wouldn't even turn out, and we had to clean our carpets, they were disgusting. Pray that you do not have any mainentice issues because it will take a hot minute for anyone in the office to even answer the phone or give you a call back. Our dishwasher has sucked since day one. Well it stopped working again (this time water wasn't coming into the unit but the motor was running). They sent someone out who said that they "fixed it" and that it was due to debis in the line, plastic straws and such. WE DONT USE PLASTIC STRAWS IN MY HOUSEHOLD AND I AM NOT DUMB ENOUGH TO PUT FOOD INTO MY DISHWASHER, I PREWASH EVERYTHING BEFORE PUTTING IT IN DISHWASHER. Can you believe that they charged me $77 to "clear the lines" of stuff that was from the pevious tentant! The woman over maintenance basically called me a liar when I comforted her about it not being us that clogged it. And $77 for 15 of his time which did not work! Yes, my dishwasher gets water now but after 5 minutes of nothing but the pump running! It only works 3/4 of the time. What if I only pay 3/4 of my rent? I told her of the issue about it still not working.. Well it's been a month and no one has came back out. I'm almost terrified of being charged again for something that was not caused by us. I have never been late on rent and would have no problem paying the $77 if I felt like I was responsible, but I am not, therefore their principals are beyond me. Parking does suck, horribly. My parents will not even visit me because they would have to park at the other end of the complex. My bush in my front yard has been dead since move in, they finally pulled it up, but it's been two months and no replacement, talk about curb appeal. I have contacted them and they have not responded. Do I replace it? Do they? Will I get charged a fee if I plant anything since their rules are ridiculous? *** if I know! Save yourself some miserly and learn from my mistakes! Do not do business with these people!
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Reason of review:
Problems with payment
1 comment

*on * confronted; autocorrect fail on my part.

Johnwilliam Vwq

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| map-marker Tucker, Georgia

COG Management - Bedrock Townhomes Review from Tucker, Georgia

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Oh yea I have a review. I am currently leasing from cog management there maintenance department sucks. If anything goes wrong in the house it takes a wait for them to return your call another week to get a contractor to the house and then I don't give them the complete work order with for everything that's wrong in the house I am sick of this company and I cannot wait to my lease is up
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Reason of review:
Poor customer service
1 comment
Johnwilliam Vwq

I currently have an electrical issue in this house that I am leasing from cog management it's a fire hazard when you have electrical problems and I can't seem to get it fixed I hate this company.I will be extremely happy to get out here when my lease is up

map-marker Carrollton, Georgia

Review in Real Estate category from Carrollton, Georgia

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When you rent there the parking policy is in the rental agreement. tenants are given a garage and a driveway, when you use your garage as an extra room then you lose a spot. most of the people that have been towed have their garage filled with junk then they want to park there cars all out in the street which creates an eye sore for the tenants who are complying by the rules..not to mention most of the people *** have to understand that those lanes have to be accessible to emergency vehicles ...what if your townhouse caught fire ..or your spouse had a medical emergency... sorry..we couldn't get in there..many of the vehicles that have been moved still sit abandoned in the impound lot.. imagine cramming 15 more vehicles out would that look..i agree with bedrocks decision when vehicles are's in the agreement..signs are posted.. warnings are given..lanes are marked...some people just don't get it, they don't think beyond their own convenience..
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map-marker Seymour, Tennessee

COG Management - Review in Real Estate category from Seymour, Tennessee

Cog management is a racist plus there no parking plus they tow your car if you live the list can go on and on.they have this one racist police officer that live on the property
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I don't think the racist police officer lives there anymore. Hollywood moved to another part of city.

The other guy is really nice and never messes with anybody.

COG is just *** and don't ever want to fix anything. The maintenance guy don't have a clue what he's doing and is shady

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-1188665

I used to live by that racist *** for three years to long. The entire family is cooooco!

Cog management literally needs to sell that Conan’s start from scratch. I hate that I spent 3 years there.

Rent done flew off the charts. I as well wish I searched the reviews.

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Henleigh Ovo
map-marker Temple, Georgia


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Parking is a major issue at Bedrock Townhomes. COG Management are having tenants cars towed, and it is costing $150.00 plus an additional $15.00 per day to get your car back. I have watched them tow 3 cars in the past 2 hours, not counting all the vehicles that they have had towed in the past week. The cars that they have had towed have been parked legally. The parking has become a mess out here. COG Management starting promoting their tenants in 2008 and 2009 that they knew that there wasn't enough parking out here, and they were working on making more parking spaces, but it has been 8 years and it hasn't happened yet. There is plenty of places that they could make parking spaces, they could take some of the grassy area as you first turn into the complex, and it would rectify the situation, but instead COG Management would rather cause their tenants more stress and out of pocket money by having their vehicles towed. All of the tenants at Bedrock Townhomes are mad about this situation and something needs to be done about it. It's okay for the Hiram Police to park his off duty police car in an area that says "NO PARKING", and when the tow truck comes to get it then he uses his authority to stop the tow driver from towing it off, by saying "COG Management wants my police car parked here". The tenants out here at Bedrock Townhomes want to know why it's okay for the off duty Hiram Ga police to park his police car in a no parking area and not get it towed, but other people are getting their cars towed when it is parked illegally. Is it concerned fair to your tenants? No, all COG Management is concerned about is money, they have no respect for their tenants at all. The parking is a mess out here and they need to honor their word and make some additional spaces. We can't even have guest over for the fear of their vehicle being towed, especially since there is no place to park and what little area there once was to park in, then COG Management has labeled it as "NO PARKING". If anybody thinks this is being over stated then please come and check it out, and feel free to talk to any tenant that you see.
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  • Parking issue is a nightmare
Reason of review:
Parking/Vehicles Getting Towed/Special Privilege Given To Off Duty Police Cars from other City

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution


so the officer can park his off duty car where ever he wants but can call the tow company at 2am when he gets home to make some quick money and tow cars who are parked in spots. My family from out of town was towed from parking in a spot that everyone parks in (against the tree line where there are lines for a parking spot) and told they where not in a spot, the only one not in a spot is the officer who doesnt want to walk so he can park in the red no parking zone and be ok.

And he does nothing as far a crime nor does the office, there are gangs of kids fighting, flicking people off, using thier trash cans as they please to play ball in, throwing balls at peoples cars, trash everywhere. I pay over $1000 a month to live in a place where people can do what they want if they know the tow company and or the staff.

Like stated above that "officer does nothing" but gets to breaking parking rules yet when you park in a spot you get towed away so they can split the money. Seems ligit


The officers car is requested to be there by the owners of the complex to deter crime within the community. If you have issues with parking please contact Teri Dodson to address these problems.


It's horrible

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map-marker Douglasville, Georgia

Short Review on April&nbs-04:00;26,&nbs-04:00;2016

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I've started my legal action against Cog management this has got to be the worst management I've ever dealt with.
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Reason of review:
Poor customer service
map-marker Woodstock, Georgia

Cog Management Staff Review from Woodstock, Georgia

stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full
We move in a year ago they were nice at first but after year was up they became very rude and called me at work yealling something offeal when we give notice they want over 1000 $ from us they are money hungry people that need to be put out of business
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Reason of review:
Pricing issue

I just moved out March 30, 2016 and I am going through it with this horrible company.


I moved in a year ago it's time for me to renew I know for a fact I'm not renewing with this horrible unprofessional company. I contacted the office spoke with the person with handle the rent bad attitude speaks to you like a animal on the streets. My move out date can't come fast enough.

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mjsboogie L
map-marker Atlanta, Georgia

Rented a house from a *** leasing co.

Unfortunately I signed a lease with this company. It was great in the beginning. The agent met me to show me the house right away, they took my deposit right away & processed my application in a speedy manner. That's where the good ended. I was promised many things like touch-up paint, stains out of the carpet, cleaning of the property. None of this was done prior to move-in. BTW, I put down the deposit a month prior (plenty of time to get this done). Aside from that, the house has a 2 garage doors. When I inspected the property the agent couldn't find the light; now I know why. Only 1 door has an opener and I was informed that I wouldn't be receiving a remote at all AFTER I signed the lease. Nowhere in the lease did it disclose that there was only one garage door opener nor that I would not receive a remote. When I tried to open the garage from inside the one garage door opener didn't even work! So I have to open & close it manually. I am beside myself. When I called to notify them of the problem they told me to just send them a list. I'm sorry, but when you're dealing with a management company, it's expected that these things are done prior to move-in, not after. I also asked about being released from the lease, but of course they wouldn't hear of that! I am completely dissattisfied with their service. When they emailed me the lady told me that the house had been cleaned. I have photos of the disgust. She actually accused me of lying! This is the worst management group I've ever come into contact with. I'm sure the rest of my experience with them will continue down the same road. I am not looking forward to the next 12 months!
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I have read your comments and everything you said is so much truth with this management company., I've started legal action with them.


I had a horrible experience with Cog Management also it was truly hard to get them to come out and fix anything and if they did I was ask to pay for it up front myself or it would just be patched up and not completely fixed. I was locked out of my online account when I began to complain about the problems I had. I wouldn't recommend this company to anyone to rent from or to have manage your home.

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